The Daily Creative Food Co.

Set on the Americana styles of the 1930’s New York golden era, our brand design for The Daily Creative Food Co. seeks to resemble a Deli restaurant from the period recreated in the contemporary Miami Edgewater/Wynwood neighborhood. We developed a comprehensive brand strategy and integrated system that uses textures and typography from the 1930’s print standards and real newspaper as core materials for the brand menus and environmental design. With a crew of over 70 employees in different departments within the restaurant, we developed a brand lifestyle system that included uniforms, vehicles, and accessories. Jastor’s branding for The Daily Creative Food Co. has helped the restaurant become a local institution with the purpose of broadening its regional recognition through future strategic expansions.

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"Jastor has really taken the word re-branding to new heights. As a successful restaurant operating for nearly 10 years, I wanted to “freshen” things up. While preparing to grow from a single unit operation to my 2nd location, I thought it was time to focus on streamlining our look and feel. Sometimes it may be trickier to make changes to an already successful business rather than starting with a blank slate. Jastor’s approach was clear from the beginning. No stones were left unturned as their team helped facilitate the rebranding of our restaurant. All aspects within my four walls were touched upon including but not limited to menus, store environment and website design, packaging design, uniforms makeovers and social media. Customers and employees alike have provided us with positive feedback as the results have been excellent."

Adam Meltzer - Owner

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