Red Road

Red Road is a leading real estate company in South Florida. Currently managing 23 properties. Initially the real estate company was called Parallel Investments Realty. JASTOR was chosen to develop the strategic positioning, visual identity that help define the vision of the realtors. We worked with the realtors of Red Road Real Estate to define the character of the new brand. We wanted to create a brand that connects with its clients at an emotional level. Red Road is a transited road that has a great deal of importance in South Florida. JASTOR was responsible for the development of an extensive strategic project which involved the creation of the brand pillars and essence, brand architecture and a complete visual identity. We also developed the stationery and the company web site.


SERVICES:    Brand Identity  /  Logotype  /  Market Research  /  Brand Strategy  /  Stationery  /  Website  Design

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