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Fiji Pop


Miami, fl


artisanal ice cream popsicles

Fiji Pop 100% Artisanal Picoleteria’s mission is to constantly produce exceptional quality treats for their customer’s enjoyment.



SOUrcing with integrity

Fiji Pop’s vision is to become a company that strives to make their customers happy as they enjoy excellent artisanal treats, continually improve all aspects of popsicles and cream pops through innovation and that delivers delicious, affordable, convenient food while sourcing with integrity and investing in their employees.



“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday” -Pablo Picasso



from art to artisanal pops

Fiji Pop, 100% Artisanal Picoleteria’s design was based on Japan’s Mount Fuji erupting. It is supposed to represent the burst of flavors and chunks that explode with every bite. Our team wanted to create an ice cream brand never seen before, with a story worth sharing. These pop’s themselves were a work of art and we got inspired by how beautiful each one was. From that inspiration, we decided to create an identity that would represent famous historical paintings and from there the names of each pop were born. Our team wanted to take it a step further and we decided to add a quote from a famous artist to each popsicle stick as a surprise and storytelling element for the consumer.


“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people” - Vincent Van Gogh