Wood Tavern

Is there anything cooler than being assigned to design the website of your favorite bar in Miami? After many years as loyal customers, in fact, founding customers... we have seen Wood Tavern transition from an art gallery to a local hip joint. Then suddenly it turned into the ultimate hipster paradise-entertainment complex in Miami.  Many Jack Daniels and conversations about innovation, street art, and typography have led us to rethink and design the Wood Hospitality Group's digital presence system. It encompasses other brands such as BND Burger, Pancho Taco, Allappattah Market and Bar Next Door and Taverna Las Rosas.

For this assignment, we spent some time having drinks, then compiling a huge database of incidental photography taken as we went; spontaneously revealing the nature of the bar. Then, we strategized on what could reflect the brand personality, hired a typography designer to create the website's graffiti-like headers, and worked alongside with Wood Tavern's social media photographer  Al Duran for epic shots. Finally, we coded all of these experiences into a minimal hub, delivering a comprehensive and efficient multi-site portal.