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Dishes for Dogs

We helped with the launch of Florida's first dog restaurant and a new line of canine food products under the brand name "Dishes for Dogs". Our focus is on the expanding young dog owner market. Our business goal at JASTOR was to create and activate a product line that will appeal to this generation of new consumers. Dishes for Dogs is a family-owned business dedicated to preparing fresh, organic, whole foods meals for all dogs.  Understanding that pets are just as important as any other member of the family, where the quality of their food deserves as much attention as we give to humans.  The goal of Dishes for Dogs is to provide the highest grade of home-prepared diets to maximize the quality and longevity of life in all dogs.



Environmental design

"I came to JASTOR with only an abstract idea of what I was looking for. Through extensive research of the product and having a deep understanding of the concept the team was able to turn my idea into a fully developed brand. Knowing that every aspect of the brand has been meticulously thought out and a consistent logic has been applied to every design decision, working with JASTOR has been a smooth and pleasurable business experience."

Michael O'Rourke - Founder

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