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The Daily Creative Food Co. branding designed by Jastor showcased at Artica's Retail Design Blog

Our newest work for The Daily Creative Food Company has been published in the European retail design blog by Artica. With over 20,000 visitors per day it is one of the most important blogs of brands worldwide.


Jastor opens new studio in Wynwood Arts District

JASTOR is a branding and advertising agency, or as they label themselves “Brand Imageneers”. Jason Torres, the principal and creative director has more than 15 years of experience in advertising, marketing and brand development. Jason started his career working for traditional ad agencies like McAnn and describes the beginning as “that time when most advertising companies did not have a branding department”; this is where Jason took charge and began constructing a firm specializing in brand development from start to finish, taking care of every aspect of the brand from identity, consumer experience, web, packaging, to environmental design and everything in between.

JASTOR primarily focus on the food service industry and hopes to become the key branding firm for the restaurants in Miami.

After spending time in Wynwood the last couple of years interacting with artist and noticing the success of friends like Cesar Morales (Wood Tavern) and Andrew Perez (2alas), he was excited to take a new space in the neighborhood. JASTOR is currently working with The Daily Creative Food Co. on their full re-branding in preparation of opening their new store on 959 West Avenue on Miami Beach. JASTOR has previously contributed to branding and positioning for many successful restaurant concepts in Miami including Salsa Fiesta, Burger & Beer Joint, Kukaramakara, Hibachi Noodle Bar among others. 

 Justin Vance TheDailyWood.com - Wynwood Official Blog

Friday, May 2, 2014

Jastor+Dest Announces Company Name Change to Jastor, Brand Imageneers (TM)

MIAMI, FL—May 2, 2014—Jastor+Dest., the award wining internationally known design firm and brand g agency (J+D), today announced a new company name: Jastor (Brand Imageneers) The change more accurately represents the scope of the company’s product offerings. It also reflects Jastor’s focus on branding and future media, communications and technologies and on scaling to meet surging demand from global businesses.

The company, founded in 2003, is a collection of creative directors, strategic thinkers, space designers and visual artists focused on creating cutting edge 360° brand experiences destined to reach and engage today’s consumers. Offering turn-key services and brand building solutions from concept to execution, delivering category defining world-class design across every medium, from brand identity, to consumer packaging to websites to environmental.

April 2013

Jastor is creating the Branding for AIGA Latin America Design Conference.

We are happy to announce that Jastor+Dest will be creating the brand identity for the AIGA Miami: Latin American Design Conference.

Jastor+Dest is a creative, branding and design consulting agency with offices in Coral Gables, Florida. Their firm consist of a collection of creative directors, strategic thinkers, interior designers and visual artists focused on creating cutting edge 360° brand experiences destined to engage today’s consumers.

Jason Torres, creative director at Jastor+Dest, is excited to partner up with AIGA Miami to help bring this conference to life. He believes Latinos have generated the positive impact that makes Miami attractive in many ways.

With hispanic brands are becoming more and more influential in the U.S. and the increasing value of Miami-based brands like Bacardi, Pollo Tropical, Café Bustelo, Del Monte, he believes the the AIGA Miami: Latin American Design Conference is a not-to-be-missed upcoming event.

Readers interested may contact publicrelations@miami.aiga.org.

Marco Caridad - President AIGA Miami

Volver al Ser Book cover designed by Jastor now available at Amazon.com

Jastor has had the pleasure to collaborate designing the cover for Dr. Fernando Cadavid's latest book. 

Introduction: If we do not create ourselves, don't you think is elemental to meet with your "manufacturing hand manual", know the laws of this universe and the rules that govern us from the very source of its inventor whom we call the Creator ? The book is a "Know thyself 'Beliefs starting from Mind your emotional reactions to the healing of your diseases. 

Communication Arts Magazine: Dancelab integrated branding program 

Identity, Consumer 

Dembo Fitness is a dance+fitness training program focused on three markets: individuals, trainers and gym facilities. When the company began experiencing communication issues (neither the name, or the image were helping the sales nor generating the momentum desired) they turned to Miami-based Jastor + Dest to develop its brand in a way that would strengthen its presence in an increasingly crowded market. The solution was to start from zero and build a brand by maintaining the core values and brand position of Dembo Fitness while expanding on its capabilities. The message is fresh, clean and energetic in every media format.

Jason Torres, creative director Daniel Gonzalez, art director; ; Jason Torres/Daniel Gonzalez, designers; Alexander Yakovlev, Istockphoto.com, photographer; Daniel Gonzalez/Jason Torres, illustrators.

Perry Fotos - Communication Arts



Jason Torres Founder of Jastor listed among the Top Most Influential Colombians in the US.

By Aqui Colombia USA Dec 2012

Colombian Ad-man and designer Jason Torres began with his idea of what has become Jastor Advertising -his company, 10 years ago, when he started working from a small office installed in the dining room of his apartment in Hollywood FL,  he gave up a well paid job as an art director and decided to take the risk of creating a venture with a concept of the future that few in the Latino market in the US had enviosioned.

"I knew that there was a need for a local firm to take care exclusively of brand development.  If from 1996 to 2000 we had the boom of the internet in Silicon Valley no later would branding for the emerging small and medium business will become one of the most relevant needs to influence in consumer buying. "

Jason was born in Bogota, Colombia. At the age of 4 he won a scholarship for junior art students at the National University of Colombia, then he studyadvanced art courses including permanent workshops at the Museum of Modern Art and then private classes with master painter Luis Eduardo Mogollon.  He study advertising at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, and later went in search of the American dream at an early age leaving his entire life and family in Colombia.

In the US his success was almost immediate, with discipline and hard work he saved enough money to open his first advertising agency at only 25 years old. Soon he was producing materials for large corporations such as AT&T, Sony and Starwood Hotels; developing interactive campaigns for a MasterCard and recognition of his agency work appear in Communication Arts, on of themost prestigious magazines in the design industry worldwide.

Now Jason spends his days creating new brands from his modern studio in Coral Gables,. The agency most recent and successful projects include the development of the restaurant chain Salsa Fiesta, positioning and brand strategy to SUA-Galeria, Romero Britto’s gallery in Colombia andthe branding and strategic positioning of Infante Zumpano largest Hispanic law firm in the United States.

Jason belongs to a new generation of Colombian-Americans who are changing the face of the old social paradigms in which has been fitted the Colombian community in the last 20 years.

"I think the big moment arrived for our community to actively participate in decisions that concern us socially, the Colombian population in Miami is one ofmost influential not only politically and economically but it is also one of the Hispanic communities the highest educational level. It is very important that the Colombian community collectively strive to maintain its relevance. "

In recent months preparing for the opening of the Colombian Free Trade Agreement, Jason and his team at the agency have been developing a commercial bridge that allows Colombian companiesto enter the North American market. Currently Jastor+Dest develops procedures for establishing a satellite office in Bogota, which will allow local businesses to have contact with a multinational agency that understands the culture of both countries and can translate the brand experience successfully.

"Our purpose is to help the Hispanic business to properly position a brand in the US market. To compete with international standards a brand must go through a methodical process of competitive analysis, structuring and implementation "The "Branding" is a science that goes far beyond having a logo or a nice package, it is not a beauty contest. "Torres says.

Carolina Cañizales- Aqui Colombia USA

Dec 2012

Yahoo: Jastor Announces their selection as Agency of Record for Kukaramakara the live music, latino-oriented night-venue located in the distinctive Brickell Neighborhood in Miami.

“Kukaramakara was looking for a performance marketing and branding agency that we could truly call a partner.  We have great momentum and expansion coming into 2012, and feel that Jastor+Dest gives us the best options to continue to succeed. They showed that they are the right partner on this in understanding the complex cocktail that is the soul of our brand and the importance of our culture”” says Juan Ossa, Director at Kukaramakara Miami.

The club usually plays live Latin music with a house band, and has a young, well dressed, hip crowd. Kukaramakara draws a crowd during the weekends where people can wine, dine and dance. On weekdays the people gather for happy hours or corporate luncheons with office colleagues. With locations in Bogota, Medellin and Cali, Kukaramakara has position itself as one of the most relevant venues in Colombia. Plans to expand internationally include the opening of a second location in South Florida, and new locations in NYC and Madrid Spain in the near future.

“We feel privileged to be awarded the Kukaramakara business,” said Jason Torres, Principal and Creative Director at Jastor+Dest, Our agency has been entrusted with a great opportunity to help grow Kukaramakara customer base. It’s a terrific experience to be part of the most successful and innovative Latino live-entertainment venue in South Florida,  We feel confident it will soon become a national brand in the U.S.

The firm’s client list includes collaboration with Burger & Beer Joint (Digital) , Salsa Fiesta Urban Mex Grill (Agency of Record) and Infante Zumpano — The largest hispanic law firm in the U.S., and the creation of concepts like SUA GALERIA The new gallery of artist Romero Britto in Colombia. J+D will serve as Kukaramakara’s lead agency for all integrated marketing communications in North America

Angelica Medina - Newswire

COMPLOT Magazine presents: Jastor, "The Brand Libro" launch event

Nov 11, 2011,

JASTOR+DEST,  An award-winning independent branding agency celebrates itsanniversary this November.  Since its founding J+D has grown into one of the fastest-growing independent agencies in Miami, has won industry recognition and is poised to lead marketing innovations over the next decade.

This years anniversary event will mark important milestones for the firm, including the Launch of a 42 Page large-format book named “The Brand Libro Autobiography of an Agency by Jastor+Dest” Presenting award wining work from the last 5 years.

The Anniversary will be host in a private event at Segafredo Brickell Terrace and Spazio Nero About Spazio NeroSegafredo Brickell: Exudes a posh and luxurious atmosphere while at the same time offering guests the warmth and charm of Italian hospitality.  As soon as guests arrive, they are enveloped in the chic yet comfy vibe of Segafredo Brickell’s grounds which feature eclectic antique furniture in the outdoor living room lounge areas. The elaborate red and white floral design matches Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Café’s signature colors. Inside the venue, exhibiting the same level of chic-meets-comfort as the exterior, guests will experience a true Italian-style café with a coffee bar with barstools, plush red leather couches and free Internet services. The Segafredo Brickell menu identity is based on its Italian heritage and, in addition to favorite espresso drinks and pastries, will offer a large selection of Italian-style food and café, music and signature cocktails.

Marketing Dive: Jastor Unveils New Brand Identity and Logo for Salsa Fiesta Grill

Feb. 4, 2011, 8:10 a.m.

Jastor+Dest Unveils New Brand Identity and Logo for Salsa Fiesta Grill Jastor+Dest, the Coral Gables based branding agency unveils a new identity for client Salsa Fiesta. The new logo marks the beginning of an entire identity and brand positioning redesign effort. Miami, FL (PRWEB) February 4, 2011 Jastor+Dest, the Coral Gables based branding, marketing and design agency unveils a new logo for client Salsa Fiesta. The new logo marks the beginning of an entire identity and brand positioning redesign effort, which will be rolled out in phases and will include the opening of Salsa Fiesta’s second store in the U.S., located within Cobblestone Plaza, at 14914 Pines Blvd. Pembroke Pines, FL 33027. Read full article