Patacon Pisa’o

Patacon Pisa’o™ is the oldest and one of the most recognizable restaurant chains of Colombian Cuisine in the U.S. The original restaurant was established in 1984 in Kendall, Florida thanks to Mr. Felix Naranjo a very witty and enterprising man. Thanks to his business sense he was not satisfied with only one restaurant, Felix strategized opening multiple locations in key sectors of Miami. Patacón Pisa’o™ was the first restaurant to bring to Miami traditional dishes such as the Bandeja Paisa and the Ajiaco Santafereño, two signature plates from Colombia. Through the years Patacon Pisa’o™ has struggled for brand consistency. Colombians, the second largest minority group of South Florida, understand their national and cultural values, and this attribute played a major role in the creation of the brand. With Patacon Pisa’o™ looking to expand, we needed to unify a single concept in such a way that communicates the brand accordingly. We positioned the Patacon brand appeal to and connect with other communities. We drew inspiration from Pre-Colombian elements to set the Patacon brand apart from its competitors. This method proved effective as we were able to claim a brand position and set Patacon Pisa’o™ as the central destination for gourmet Colombian cuisine.  The integrated brand result was a much more approachable concept. It has enhanced the consumer perception of the brand and has positioned the restaurant in a  higher category.

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