maria fernanda maceda / account excutive


Photography, graphic design, and client relations are a few of Mafe’s fortes but what makes her unique is her ability to adapt to the diverse manner of communications. Maria or Mafe, has worked in an array of customer service positions that have allowed her to create her own version of client relations. While always making sure to give herself some time to express her artistic eye.

Born in Venezuela, Mafe learned first-hand what it means to come to the United States looking for a brighter more secure future. Determined to make a difference in the world Mafe graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and a concentration in Studio Art.

Mafe is a firm believer in having time to decompress and work on your inner self. Her passions include ceramics, photography, horseback riding, veganism, collecting VICE magazines and advocating for social change. While being a part of the digital communication industry she hopes that she can create content that will captivate audiences to “wake up” and work towards a better tomorrow.