Infante Zumpano

Infante Zumpano started as a small law firm based in Miami. Jastor was approached to help reinvent the brand and help place them amongst the top in their market. After implementing a strong new brand with turn key 360 deliverables and strong strategic marketing, Infante Zumpano became one of the largest minority-owned law firms in the country with over 40 attorneys at law and 13 offices located around the world. Jastor was able to help launch a major opening event in downtown Miami which contributed to the major success of the brand. 

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"Jastor, under the amazing leadership of Jason Torres has been an instrumental part of our law firm's growth. Jason and his team of seasoned and motivated professionals in the areas of  marketing, branding and technology are always at the forefront of the industry and making sure that our company is always ahead of the game. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Jastor to the members of the legal community as I am sure that Jastor will live up to the highest of expectations." 

Emil R. Infante - Managing Partner